Panic Attacks


Panic attacks can be debilitating because they are initially terrifying experiences that often become embarrassing when health professionals and family members do not understand what has just happened. Well-meaning people may dismiss it as “all in your head,” but panic disorder is a very physical experience resulting from the triggering of your brain’s fight or flight system. When this system is triggered, the heart rate goes up, which causes rapid breathing. Rapid breathing can cause numbness of the arms and legs. This is why it’s common for people experiencing a panic attack to mistake it for a heart attack. When those who do not understand the anatomy of a panic attack choose to minimize someone else’s experience with one, it can be humiliating. This leads some folks to avoid going into public lest they experience a panic attack and the accompanying embarrassment of having done so in front of people. No one deserves to live with this kind of fear and shame. We can help, and we’re committed to bringing you into a life of peace and fulfillment. In just a few sessions, you may experience a reduction in the frequency and intensity of panic attacks until they are finally resolved completely. This can happen through several months of therapy with or without medication. We will walk alongside you down whichever path towards wellness you choose.

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