First Appointment

It can be intimidating to admit that you need a hand on your journey through life. By visiting our site, you’ve already taken the initial step. Physically setting up your first appointment is quite easy, but emotionally it can be a bit tougher. If you aren’t sure that you’re ready, please read through our site and let us know if you have any questions. We believe in the healing power of therapy and want help you achieve the life you want. If you’re eager to get started and schedule an appointment, you may call 801-657-0897 or email us—whichever is more comfortable.

Not sure what to expect from your first appointment? You can expect someone who will listen to you without judgment and who is willing to talk about whatever is on your mind. Our therapists will work alongside you to come up with a plan for recovery based on your individual needs and goals. Your first appointment will include some questions to allow your therapist to get to know you. While these questions are important for the goal of recovery, it’s fine to tell us if you aren’t comfortable answering them during your first meeting.

Overcoming emotional hurdles to be honest with a new person is sometimes difficult, but the emotional reward is worth it. Danielle, age 23*, is a great testimony to the power of Creative Life Counseling: “When I first started coming to therapy I was having a lot of trouble managing my stress. [O]ver the last couple of months my life has gotten so much easier. I feel like myself again. I’m exercising, speaking up for myself at work and my relationships are back to where they were before I let worry take over my life.”

Don’t let worry control your life. Contact us today to set up an appointment today.

*Name changed to protect identity

Call us at 801-657-0897


Creative Life Counseling is located at 1308 S 1700 East Suite 211, Salt Lake City, UT 84108.

The entrance to our office is on the east side of the Jolley Building.  We are located on the second floor.  Our waiting room is Suite 211 and the first door on your left at the top of the stairs.  You may park in the parking lot or there is ample street parking for your appointment.