Substance and Alcohol Abuse


Substance and alcohol misuse can get out of control for a number of reasons. Our role is not one of judgment, but assistance. Our approach combines the use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy with mindfulness techniques for sustainable recovery. Although we aren’t affiliated with any specific group supporting sobriety, we’re committed to helping you find the right solution for your recovery.

Recovery from substance and alcohol addiction is a journey with several steps along the way; we’ll help you travel it from start to finish. During your initial appointment, we’ll explore the impact of substance misuse on your life and work together to create the kind of life you want. Together we’ll craft healthy ways to cope with cravings and to maintain lifelong recovery.

Perhaps you’re here not because of your own struggles with alcohol or substance misuse. Perhaps you’re seeking help for your partner, child, or another loved one whose alcohol or substance use has gotten out of control. We’re here for you, too. Alcohol and substance abuse has an impact that goes far beyond the user. We can help you maintain healthy boundaries for yourself until your loved one chooses to seek help.

Whether your battle is with your own addictions or those of a loved one, you don’t have to do it alone. Our counselors have years of experience working with families impacted by substance abuse. Let us help you and your family heal.

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