Payment and Insurance

Rates: Currently we charge $125.00 per session for individual and family therapy and $20.00 per group unless we are contracted with your insurance company, then the contract determines the rate.

Insurance: We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance, EMI Health (Educator Mutual Insurance), Health West, Benefits Plan Administrators, Boulder Administrative Services, Managed Care and Omni Administrators, WMI Mutual and TPA Plans. We offer special discounted rates for University of Utah Employees and Select Health Plans. Please contact us directly for more information and check your coverage thoroughly.  At this time Ashley Sutherland, LCSW also accepts PEHP.  Ali Ditolla, Kelly Goodrich and Julie Holbrook are not accepting insurance at this time.

Payment: We accept cash, check, and credit card. Out-of-network payment is due in full at time of service as are all co-payments.

Many of our clients have found it useful to utilize their Health Savings Account (HSA), benefits card or cafeteria plan for counseling expenses. Please email or call 801-657-0897 with insurance questions.

Online Payment
You have two options for paying online.

  1. You may request an invoice from by clicking here. This option is for clients who would like to request a one-time payment on an outstanding balance or to pay off a statement.
  2. You may keep a credit card on file to be billed per appointment by downloading the form below and following directions.

To pay an outstanding bill you may call or email Gwen at 801-657-0897 or