Becca Post, CSW

I believe that most people come to therapy in search of missing pieces of themselves. As humans we experience loss, change, love, trauma and a wide range of emotions that can sometimes hinder our ability to meet our goals. I believe that each individual holds the strength to sit inside themselves and grow. Each person that I interact with has their own set of skills, tools, experiences, and desires. I collaborate with my clients to expand upon these skills and work towards the places that they are looking to go. I have found that healing is sometimes a slow and tedious process. Each individual knows when they are ready to explore themselves and begin this process. I am here to help you start your healing journey. I use a variety of techniques and evidence based models, such as Feminist Multicultural Therapy, EMDR, and other various trauma informed modalities to help my clients meet their personal goals.

About Becca:

As a recent graduate from the University of Utah,  I completed two health related practicums at the University of Utah hospital where I focused on family and individual work around grief and loss, care management, and working with individuals newly diagnosed with various health related concerns. I finished up school as an Intern at the University of Utah Women’s Resource Center where I worked primarily with individuals of underrepresented populations who struggled with body issues, trauma, sexual assault, anxiety, and depression.

In my free time, you can usually find me in at a yoga studio, baking, or sitting at home reading a fiction novel. I have a strong love for traveling, plants, and animals.